Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So, I have two other blogs. One is my family blog... it has gone to the wayside since I have been on Facebook. *sigh*. I just found it soo much easier to post things about my day, random thoughts, and some of 203802832 pictures I take daily. I am also able to reach more people that way. Additionally, I have a blog I made where I post pictures of some of the things I make, namely blankets with ribbons on the sides.. I can't call them by a certain name b/c some BIG (in their own mind, anyway) corportation has the most vague patent imaginable (It has been made private b/c of the aforementioned corporation). I'm surprised anyone else in this world is even allowed to make a blanket! Anywho. So, this year I have been on a roll with trying new sewing projects and crafty things. I have discovered the NEVERENDING amount of sewing and craft blogs and sites with countless ideas and SO many free tutorials! I have had a great time making things from other people ideas (mostly, I throw in a creative twist of my own a lot of the time). I will use this blog as a place to share the things I come up with during naptime!

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