Saturday, July 17, 2010

A little quilting and a LOT of waiting!

I didn't have much time to sew today since my new phone came in!! I sold my "old" Iphone 3gs a week ago on Craigslist (for more than I paid for it.. score!). I was able to get the new Iphone 4 at the upgrade price, so why not?! Corey talked me in to getting the 32gb one though.. who ever needs this much in a phone though? Not me, but I'll take it! :) Anyway, I got the email saying it was in store and I could go pick it up! Yea! So, I got the kids down and called the store to see if I had to make an appointment. There was "more than 8 people ahead of me" in the calling line, said the "lady voice" on the phone... So, I figured I'd better work on the quilt while I waited. I added the batting (Warm & Natural) and the material for the back. The, I got to pinning. I have NO clue how many pins to use!
I started pinning..

22 1/2 minutes in to being on hold.. there was now "only" 6 people ahead of me "in line"....

Before I was able to talk to a customer service rep.. I had finished pinning the entire quilt!

Thirty eight minutes later I FINALLY talked to a person at the Apple store. Guess how long our conversation was... 30 SECONDS, and that is being generous!! She told me I didn't have to make an appointment, I could just come in to the store. Fan-flippin-tastic! So, off I went. Babies were asleep, husband was watching True Blood (HORRIBLE show!!!).

Shockingly, there was 2038203820 people at the Apple store. But, I was able to get my phone rather quickly. Of course, the system to let me pay was down, then up, then reset, blah blah. Finally, I got out of there, but I had to go to the ATT store to have them put the new phone on my line, instead of Corey's (our numbers are flip flopped on their records, so it's annoying). They sent me to a "new" store that didn't exist, so I "ran" into Target. No. such. thing. Then off to the ATT store that I knew and again was met by 349384023834 people and a sign-up list. I waited for a while, I'm pretty sure the Asst. Manager hit on me.. awkward. I left to get gas, and when I got back only had to wait a few more minutes. Got 'er done then got a call... and I COULDN'T HEAR the caller!! So, she called me from another phone and I STILL couldn't hear her!! AAAhhhh! The customer service lady at the ATT store said I'd have to go to the Apple store if I had a problem... then she looked at my phone and noticed the protective plastic sheet was still on.. You know, the one that covers the ear piece part!! Doh!!

I finally got home and in between being mom and wife I managed to get a little bit done on my quilt. I decided to use red thread in the bobbin and white on top. I am pleased with how it is going so far and hope that I get some time tomorrow to get quite a bit more done!

There's a lot of material to roll up and it's quite bulky to sew around!

Not sure if you can see it here or not, but I quilted around the tree and the trunk.

Here is the back, you can see what I quilted b/c it's red!

Here is Brooke last night with her hand wrapped with ice. Her daddy likes to play rough with her and make her "fly" on the bed. Well she landed on her thumb and it bent back!! We both thought it was broken, but thank God, it wasn't!!

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  1. your quilt its very very awesome and cute. I was wondering if before you got your new iphone if you had the unlimited internet on your line and then went to the $15-$25 plan. just wondering because my husband had the first i phone with the unlimited internet and when he got the new one they told him he couldn't get the unlimited anymore but come to find out later after going back to the store twice we got his unlimited back for $30. just wondering if this happened to you.


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