Friday, July 23, 2010

Cupcake madness!

Yesterday we had lunch with grandma. After lunch I think my mom was ready for a nap!

Brooke is a fan of the cupcake. I can not fault her for this, for I, too, am a fan of the cupcake! We had planned to go to a cupcake bakery when we were in town visiting my mom, but the cupcakes weren't ready when we got there, so I promised her we would make some after her nap. Ever a woman of my word, as soon as she woke up, we traipsed into the kitchy to get started! She walked right over to the wall where the aprons are hung and pointed to hers and said, "Brooke wear now", then to mine with "Mommy wear". On the aprons went and we got down to business.

A girl after my own heart... licking the batter off of the wisk!

After all of her hard work.. she deserved a treat!
It was late, just before dinner, so I split a cupcake with her...

However, apparently this wasn't enough...
because this is what she did when I told her no more until after dinner! (she was saying, "more cupcake, more cupcake" while her mouth was full of cupcake).

This cupcake (and her little brother) were tuckered out after a long, busy day!


  1. haha at the fact that she is wearing a dress with cupcakes on it on cupcake day

  2. But OF COURSE!! :) She was wearing a different dress, but when I thought about going to the cupcake bakery, I just HAD to put her cupcake dress on! Be glad I couldn't find the cupcake bow! :) LOL!


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