Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LOTS of new and exciting adventures!

My poor, poor, neglected blog! Oh how I miss you and not to worry, I do think about you often! Have you missed me? Things have been SUPER crazy since I last wrote. I was just getting out of my "radiation retreat" and back to my life as a mommy to 3 little ones! I don't think I updated to let everyone know that all of my tests, bloodwork, and scans came back CLEAN!! Praise the Lord for being cancer free! :)  Since then we have had 2 birthdays, some out of town company, LOTS of fun, and I'm officially now a small business owner!! EEK!! That is SO exciting!! It's a huge leap of faith, but we decided to "go big or go home" and I purchased a 6 needle embroidery machine. She's a beauty. I named her Matilda.

She can do lots of fun stuff. I'm not even really sure how I ever used a single needle machine now that I have this one. My Naptime Craft Mommy business has taken off and I've also started listing a few items on Etsy. The Very  Hungry Caterpillar birthday theme is hugely popular right now, and my shirt has been a hit too! 

I try not to list too many so as to not get in over my head, but so far they are good sellers! I have to realize that on a daily basis, I'm good if I get 2 hours of work time (while the babes nap, of course) so I can *maybe* get two shirts or items done a day. In addition do making custom shirts, I have also started selling the awesome products from Oh Mint!

Here is my "Everything Tote" with my biz name on it. This bag is great! 

Another neat thing that I have been involved in is Relay for Life. Since I was diagnosed with cancer, this has been an important cause to me. Last year I was on a team with other staff members from the school where I worked. Now that I am a SAHM and we live in a different city than where I taught, I decided to participate on a Relay team closer to home. One of my friends is also a Thyroid cancer survivor so we were co-captains. I held an auction on my FB page and was able to secure a sponsorship for Relay as well. These helped me finish as the number 2 top fundraiser out of 1,276 participants! Woot woot! I loved being so involved with Relay and have been asked to be a committee member next year! I am honored to be asked and will definitely do this!  

The family is well- the kids are growing like weeds and keeping us busy! Being able to be home with them has been such a blessing!

I'm not making any promises that I can't keep, but I do HOPE to be able to blog more often. I have so many posts in my head and ideas of posts.... it's just a matter of finding the time to do so!
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