Monday, July 19, 2010



After our super fun play date at the Science and History Museum, it was time to get cracking on the quilt! I need to get this DONE before my SADD sets in and I lose interest!! I'm feeling a little twitchy as it is.. and I have happened upon a couple of tutorials I'm DYING to try out!! Focus, Tracy. Focus!

All I did today was free motion quilt. I got the middle panel done and then quilted inside of each of the letter squares around the center panel.

Tomorrow I have to do the straight line quilting around the letter boxes and quilt the borders. You are supposed to quilt the border fabric, right? (better google that!).

I feel like I got a lot done today, but of COURSE I had a couple of snags along the way! First my bobbin of thread ran out. No biggie, just add a new one, right? Yup. But, for some reason the tension was all off and I had a MESS. It was pulling the red up to the top and the bottom wasn't pulling tight. So, I took it off and messed around w/ the tension and used a scrap piece of fabric to get it figured out. I ended up working back with it on the original tension I had. I had to re-thread my top thread a couple of times and I think that fixed it. Odd.

I finally got the ball rolling and I was cruising along.. then, to my dismay, this happened:

Whoops! My material got folded under and I sewed it on to the back. Nothing a little seam ripper can't fix! That stupid tool sure does save my a$$ a lot!

I thought I'd show you my super rad gardening  gloves that are my new BQF (best quilting friend)! They have saved my fingers from a countless amount of finger pricks! These have a deerskin palm and fingers so they grip the fabric well, but are soft and supple as well!

Another one of my favorite sewing items is my electronic bobbin winder! I picked this up for half off, plus my teacher's discount, so it was cheap! It's super fun!!

Up tomorrow: Play date on the Mini Train and hopefully finishing up the quilting!! Woot!


  1. THANK YOU Kristy!! It is looking better every day!


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