Friday, July 16, 2010

Stripping, sewing, cursing, sewing (again), smiling....

NOOO, not *that* kind of stripping! Get your head out of the gutter! Ha! For today's naptime sewing and craft time I brought back out Benjamin's Love U quilt. Must get that sucker done.. mostly so I can say I finished a sort-of-large project! I cut all of the border strips I will need for this one and for Brooke's as well! So, yay for killing two birds with one stone!

After all of the strip cutting it was time to sew them on! Remember how I said I was making the top and bottom borders a smidge thinner than the sides? Well, I am. So, this means I have strips of two different widths (on this quilt, not on Brooke's). Well.. I bet you can see where this is going.. Uh yeah. I sewed the skinny border on the side that I wanted the fatter border. And, when did I make this discovery, you ask? AFTER. I. HAD. SEWED. THE. WHOLE. DANG. THING. ON.
See that wider piece to the right?....  yeah, oops. No, make that an OOPS!!

Enter Mr. Seam Ripper.
I have a love/hate relationship with this tool. I am NEVER happy when I have to use it. Sure, it is a life saver and fabric saver, etc. But it SERIOUSLY impedes progress and wastes valuable time! The shape of it makes me think of a finger. So, it's like flipping the bird at my sewing project and laughing at me. Meanie.

Moving on....

I finally got it all ripped apart and got the cursing done in my head (mostly) and started sewing on the correct piece! Whew.. on back on the saddle and cruising along. Or not.
See that ^ ? It's like a snag or a run or something I don't know what is called in fabric world b/c really I'm just a visitor here. Commence more whirty dirds.. Do I stop (was about 12" into re-sewing)? Do I say screw it and go on, hoping that when I quilt over it, it is fine and won't affect the integrity of the quilt? If I do that will it bother me and nag at me b/c I will know there is a snag and boo boo in the material?... I chose to say screw it and go on. Time is ticking people!! (I also realized that I didn't have another strip to use anyway).

Quilt borders: check!

Benjamin's Love U quilt top: DONE!

Next up: making the quilt sandwich of batting and the back!


  1. It's coming out cute! I've done the very same thing. But I was lazy and just trimmed down the borders to the skinnier size instead of ripping it all out, lol!!
    Snag... I've left them in and just made sure to quilt over them.

  2. Oh yay! I figured it wasn't that big of a deal w/ the snag! You will have twelve quilts done by the time I finish my two! :)


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