Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boo for busy!

So, along came the weekend and then the week began with two days of  teacher training. That, combined with my sweet baby boy that enjoys eating 2-3 times a night = a tired mama with not much time to blog! I DID, however manage to eek out some projects since I last wrote!

Saturday morning I got a wild hair and wanted to make a plush ribbon teether for Benjamin.... I had a 2 year old helper for this one and I even got breakfast served to me in my sewing room! It turned out to be a VERY productive day!

I started with lots of ribbons in lots of colors, two fleece circles, and pins!

Then I pinned them on and pinned the fleece.

Sew around, leave a space to turn it, then turn.

I stuffed it with batting and a few jingle bells!

Then I added the ribbon to the space where I turned it and top stitched around the whole thing. You can skip this step and just  hand sew the opening shut, being sure to catch the ribbon.
Personally, I like the top stitching. It isn't pretty, but it's cool and Benjamin likes it! :)

And then in walked hubby with this:
MMmmm!! Soo cute! Egg sandwich with a turkey sausage face! Kinda makes you wanna do this:


Back to crafting!

I FINALLY was able to machine sew the binding on to Benjamin's quilt! It STILL is not done though.. that would be because in order to finish it, I have to hand stitch the binding to the back. Let me just say that hand stitching is NOT my idea of fun!

I pinned it on.

Then sewed it on.

And then I got to that gap where the binding meets. I looked at the quilt-a-long I have been using to help me (thanks Bree!!), but try as I did.. I could NOT for the life of me do the funky  thing she did with the ends. I think I cut them a smidge too short to be able to fold them over on top of each other like she did. So.... I had to think. And, think hard. Because, at this point if I would have messed this up, I would have slit my wrists. For real. I figured out that I would just sew straight down, snip the excess, then sew it to the quilt like the rest of the binding. The picture above shows how I just sewed straight down there.

See? Then I snip snipped that excess off on the right.

I layed it flat and then sewed the gap there.

And looksie, I did it.. and IT WORKED!!
And, drum roll please... bah duh bah duh bah duh bah duh....
*takes a bow*

Since I still had some time on my hands, I got cracking on a pacifier clip for Benjamin, since I lost his (which *amazingly* showed up right after I finished this one!).
It's easy peasy. I just sewed a fabric sheath, turned it, top stitched, sewed a clip on one side and an elastic loop on the other. This owl fabric is sort of nostalgic for me. It is what I used on my vey first (pretty crappy, I might add) tag blanket. Ben has a coordinating crinkle tag toy hanging on his infant carrier as well (not crappy, I might add!) ;)

Okay and if you EVER need to turn a sheath of fabric for whatever reason, you MUST get one of these nifty tools!! I picked it up at Joann's for half off, plus my teacher discount, of course. So, it was pretty cheap actually, but SO rad!! It sort of makes you want to turn tubes of fabric for sport!

This is the one I have, it came with three different sized tubes! Love!

And.. my final Saturday project was re-usable snack bags! These are SO AWESOME!! I have plans to make a ton of these and sell them! These two are fabric bags with a fabric lining and velcro closure.
The ones I make to sell will have a nylon lining and I will have more sizes! :o)
Brooke loves these as well. She thinks the velcro is fun!


  1. For anyone familiar with cars, the teething toy for Benny-boo looks like a gapping tool for spark plugs, ha ha!

    They look great Tracy, awesome job!

  2. Gapping tool, huh?! Only you would know this!! thanks for the compliments lady!! :)

  3. Yup, see! I change my own spark plugs, yo!


  4. love the resealable snack bags! great idea


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