Friday, July 23, 2010

The quilting = The done!

Woot! Woot!! I FINISHED QUILTING my quilt!!! The clouds have parted and the angels have sung! All is right in the world! However... I wasn't sure I'd make it! One of my Facebook status messages while I was quilting yesterday was something along the lines of: "If my sewing machine was a person I would stab it". All was hunky dory until it ran out of bobbin thread. That seems to send Sadie (my sewing machine) into conniptions and it takes some finagling to get her back on track! Here's proof:

And.. here is more proof:

(and yes, that was two separate times.. this happened no less than 4 times)

After much seam ripping and cursing, I finally got the train back on the tracks! All I had left was free motion quilting over the borders. Holy crappola... that's a lot of landscape to cover. Have I mentioned that free motion quilting is a bit of a workout?! I kept telling myself, "I think I can, I think, I can" and kept swirling away! I finally finished (praise God!!) and then it was down to the floor to trim it up!

Can you say done? D O N E! Yippeeee!

I personally think the back looks almost as cool as the front!

Now that I'm done with the quilting, it's on to the binding!! I cut my strips, sewed them together, then had to iron them.

That is as far as I got (that ^ picture) before babies woke up!
 A pretty darn tootin' successful sewing day!!


  1. wow it looks pretty darn good! I am going to try this free motion thing eventually... of course I better try to quilt first huh? :P

  2. Well, this is my first quilt and I went whole hog and did the free motion thing on it! I had a scrap that I used for practice for like 30 seconds. I'm not a patient one.. and I like a challenge! :)


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