Friday, July 16, 2010

Appliqued onesie for the boy!

Okay so today I got a lot done in the crafty/sewing department! I did the hand and footprint art project, got Ben's quilt top done and since I had some time I made a little onesie for Benjamin. I have a four pack and I only made one. I've got ideas for the others though! :) I wanted to use some cool fabric that said Rock 'n Roll and had a star on it, so I was going to cut out a star shape. I'm a fly by the seat of my pants sort of a person, but I wanted this star to be perfect. So, I got out the quilting square...

But when I connected the dots on.. it looked wonky. I don't want a wonky star..

So, I drew a triangle, with the thought that it would help.. but it didn't.

I ended up just free hand drawing it and it looks ok. Not perfect, but oh well!

I sewed it on...

And then put it on my well rested model!

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