Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And the quilt goes on....

I have to tell ya, this quilting thing sure is a test of my patience and stamina. Not in a "this is too hard" sort of a way, but more in a "this thing takes forever and I'm an instant gratification sort of a gal". I don't do projects that take a long time! I know I will be thrilled to bits when it's done.... (and then I can take a mental break and work on some quick projects before finishing up Brooke's quilt!). BUT, will it ever end?! I am supder de dooper proud of all that I have done so far, so I must press on! My post today is actually of the work that I did during naptime, yesterday. Today I had a workshop from 9-4 and therefore I missed out on my naptime craft time! Boo hiss! The workshop was swell though, and I learned a lot!

My afternoon began with an AWESOME package in the mail from Three Rivers Fabric on Etsy. She had the best price on the yardage I need for the quilt backing of Brooke's quilt. I have to say, fabric makes me happy!!! Here's the gorgeous stuff I got!

I LOVE this fabric. Like true love!

So many possibilities with this one as well!

This will be cute for a composition cover,
or even a little teacher apron, crayon roll, or art case!

This floral print is the backing for Brooke's quilt!

Moving on... to the quilting! Aaaaah the quilting! So, you can see that each letter in the panel has a box around it. Well, let's just say I've learned some things. For one, I ALWAYS do things the hard way!! I should have just done the free motion quilting all over the quilt, not paying attention to the boxes, or borders.. But, not moi! I quilted the tree first, then around the tree, then inside each letter box, then I quilted straight lines AROUND. EVERY. LETTER. Holy madness batman! That calls for a whole LOT of stitching, stopping, backstitching, trimming, raising the needle, sliding the fabric down, rinse. repeat. Oh well, so what if I could have probably been DONE with the quilting had I done it the easy way. This is teaching me patience, remember?!?! ;) I will say, it does look super awesome on the back. Like uber neato!

Here is the back.. I have a crap TON of strings to trim. Have I mentioned that I don't like trimming strings?.. yeah, well it's not my favorite thing to do, we can leave it at that!
(That's a wet spot on the bottom of the tree trunk. It has dried now.)

And now for the cool, fun things that are hidden in there!

See the heart and the U? (Love you!)




Here is the front. All I have left to quilt is the white and green borders.

Someone wanted to get in on the action!

I always die laughing when I upload pictures and find things like this:

She LOVES to take pictures and steals my camera on a regular basis!

See yall tomorrow and thanks for reading! :)

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  1. I will say it here like I have said on the BBC board... Your a god. Thre is no way i would have the patience for this!


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