Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fever and Freezer Pops

Today was a VERY crazy day! Last night my 5 month old, Benjamin felt hot so I took his temperature. It was 101.8, so I gave him Tylenol. He slept pretty well, but woke up this morning with 101.4. So.. more Tylenol went down his gullet. An hour and a half later his temp hadn't budged, so I called the doctor. An hour later I was in the Dr. office. His ears were fine, his chest sounded good, throat was fine, etc. So.. unexplained fever in a young one.. you have to rule out other things. We know this routine ALL too well b/c of his older sister, the fever queen. Let's hope Benjamin doesn't follow in her footsteps with the fevers! Brooke's had a UTI when she was his age. They had to see if he possibly had one.. so he had to be cathed. This was my first experience w/ cathing a little boy. OMG. Poor, poor baby boy! The urine was clean though, so ruled out a UTI. Sent us to a lab for blood work. Apparently the noon hour is the prime time to be at the lab. I swear there were 8 people ahead of us. So.. we waited again. Let me just say that Brooke, in all her two year old glory, is an AMAZING little person. (Not little like dwarf, little like young...). She was SO paitent, so sweet, and just so good! I am so blessed with my babies! The blood draw was equally as horrific as the cath. No matter how many times my babies are cathed or have their blood drawn (far TOO many in their short lives), it never gets easier. The tech even commented on how hot Ben was. :( Fast forward a few hours and the blood came back "normal". They are sending the urine and blood to be cultured, but it's most likely "just a virus". UGH! I'm praying that tomorrow is a better day for him!!

And.. so, because of the above situation, nap time was a bit off, to say the least. Brooke is usually down by 1pm. Today she went down at 1:45 b/c we were gone and then she had to eat. She slept for 3 hours, but Benjamin just couldn't fall asleep and stay asleep. But, I managed to get some stuff done anyway. Today's naptime sewing should have been me working on the blue binding for Benjamin's quilt. But.. thanks to my friend Jennifer, I had a NEW project!! SADD at it's best, folks! She asked if I had ever made freezer pop cozies. Umm.. no, I hadn't. Hadn't even heard of them.. but a little google goes a long way! So... viola! Freezer pop cozies!
First I cut several strips of fleece w/ different designs.

Then I made one to test out. Looks good! Works perfectly!

I thought I'd turn it to see what it would look like.. it looks ok, but it opens it up too much and the freezer pop isn't held in there as tightly.

So, I whipped up a few.. or 24. And, I already have 24 more pieces cut that just need to be sewn! Love it! I'm selling them in groups of 4 (mix and match patterns if you want). 4 for $5! Since I just finished them.. after 10pm.. I'll have to test one out with Brooke tomorrow!

Since he was so hot I thought I'd give Benjamin the ice pop to cool him off (not to eat.. just to hold and play with).


But, turns out he was not a fan! Poor baby!

However, he did manage to give me a sweet smile! Love him!


  1. Sorry that I contributed to your SADD! They are awesome! Love the pics of poor little Benjamin, I think he must be the happiest baby ever! No fever or frozen ice pop is gonna keep him down!

  2. So glad you like them- they are fun! I had Brooke try it out with aa Gogurt this morning! :) And, I agree, Ben is a toughie, but that smile was his ONLY smile all day!


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