Friday, July 30, 2010

A Super sweet knot dress!

Brooke pretty much has an obscene amount of dresses...yet I can't stop making more!! I am just in LOVE with this one and the variation I came up with and other variation I saw! The possibilities as well as the fabric options are endless!! Sew.. here it is!

First let's talk about the French seam. What a lovely and wondrous thing this is! This was the first time I had used one and I will definitely be using them again! I never knew how easy they were!
Here is the beauty:
(It's the one up the middle ^. It encases the raw edges completely. Purty!)

Here is the finished product:

And, here it is on my beautiful model!

When I make things, I usually make more than one at a time, to save time. So, I cut out the pieces for this same dress, but with the brown Damask as the dress and the floral as the straps. Then.. I fiddled with it. I didn't add the small elastic in the bottom portion (that makes it bubble out a little), and I had both straps come out and have their own knot, instead of having the one in the middle).

She wore it out on a play date with two of her besties. It cracks me up that her besties are all boys! We rode The Mini Train and then went to get cupcakes!! YUM!

I have SO many other ideas of variations on this dress! It can be shorter and turned into a shirt. I saw one with a bow in the front instead of a knot- super cute! Could add a ruffle.. etc!
 Stay tuned, you will see more!

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