Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Started Borders for Benjamin's Love U Quilt

So.. remember how I said I have SADD?.... Yeah well I started a quilt for Brooke a little while ago (my first quilt ever). It is a disappearing 9 patch. It  a good quilt for a beginner, I think. It has a great "wow" factor and really isn't very complicatd! Well, I had to set it aside to fill some orders and make some things for a friends party (she sold stuff for me.. thanks Kelli!!). Then we went on vacation. Well, I finally came back to it and go the quilt top done, or so I thought. I have decided to add one more row horizontally and vertically to make it bigger, so it's *almost* done.

I still have to add borders and then make the sandwich w/ the batting and the back (will have to piece it), quilt it, and then make the binding and bind it! LOTS of work ahead of me with that! Since the amount of work ahead of me on that is a little mind boggling I decided to start working on yet another project.. a quilt for Benjamin! Hahah! This one is a little easier though b/c it is made out of a panel.

Both Ben and Brooke's quilts are made from material in Moda's Love U line. LOVE IT!

Today I cut the strips for the white binding on both quilts. HELLO.. this is NOT fun!

Then I sewed the strips on to the panel. The top and bottom strips are a little thinner since this panel is longer and I don't want the quilt to be too long and skinny.

For all you quilters out there.. you are saying, yeah, bit whoop! But, this is my FIRST border and I am quite proud! :)
Next up is to add a wider blue (or green?) border. I got the blue material out and Benjamin decided to wake up. Brooke slept for another 30 minutes, but when she woke up she had fun doing this:

See you tomorrow! :)


  1. Love both of your quilt projects - wish I had the talent to make one for B. Heck I'd settle for figuring out how to blog=)

  2. I'm following! Blogging is fun. I've been doing it for about five years now. It's really fun to look back at them!

  3. I LOVE all the fabric I've seen! I could go out and buy a ton of those cute little squares they sell (I think for quilting, but I'm sewing lame!) I can't wait to see your composition covers! I think I saw a pen holder on one! Tre Awesome!


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