Friday, July 16, 2010

Cooped up in the house = cool crafty time!

Benjamin's fever finally went down after more than 36 hours of being over 101! He woke up smiling, so I knew today was going to be a much better day! I also knew that we wouldn't be able to go on our super fun play date with some of Brooke's besties from her daycare class. We not only missed out on friends, but we missed out on little swimmy pools, a bounce house, and COOKIES! Blargh! This meant that I had to do something uber fun for Brooke. Well.. the kid likes to craft. I have NO clue where she gets this from. Anywho, one of her favorite things to do is make handprints, so handprint craft it IS! I pulled out a large pad of art paper (it is 18'x34", I believe).

I used my handy dandy cutting mat, rotary cutter, and quilting ruler to cut the paper into 5"x5" squares. I took a few of those and cut them in half to use for Benjamin's foot prints. I'm making a masterpiece here, so both kids had to get in on the fun!

Then I got Brooke down to her diaper and got out my craft paint (not washable). The easiest way to get her hands prepped was to just squirt some paint on her palm and then rub it in with my finger.

This was a VERY baby-wipe intense project, if you were wondering!

After we were done with Brooke's hands, I did Ben's feet. I figured out the best way was to have him in the bouncy, clip a piece of paper to a clipboard, paint his feet, and then press. Let me just say these are very imperfect as it is far from easy to do this!

This left us all a little painted up, but it was well worth it.

Here's our scattering of little prints!

And here they are, all organized. I will change up the final layout and I have yet to decide how I will ultimately display these. I just LOVE how it turned out though!

If you make this project with your little one (or ones), I'd love for you to email me pics!


  1. oh that is a great idea! I am thinking about doing hand prints once a month for my little one until he gets older starting at 6 months! (he is 5 months now)until he is 1 year and than do them once a year and keep it in a collage frame.

  2. That is a great idea! I wonder if you could incorporate a hand print with a picture each month? For my daughter's first birthday I printed out a picture from every month and displayed them across our mantel using cute clothespins. It was super neat to see them all out like that, and was a conversation piece at the party. Then, I took those same images and made them into a collage print. So awesome!
    My little man is 5 months as well and it was hard enough getting his foot! Maybe I'll try a hand print next month though!

  3. That is such a great idea Tracy! I am totally going to have to let G start playing with paint!


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