Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Things to know about me.

#1. I have SADD. This, of course, stands for Sewing Attention Deficit Disorder. It's true. If there was medication for it, I think I may have to take it. I start out with something, become sew obsessed and want to make lots of them! Then, I find something else that is SOOO cool or SOOO cute and I make one. If it's hard or takes a lot of time, I usually make just one. I have found out that the first one is usually the hardest and takes the longest amount of time though. Then, on to the next project! Even if I have only made one of something, it doesn' mean I won't make it again, it just means my SADD has reared its ugly head!

I interrupt this post to tell you that my 2 year old just gave me her booger. Umm... thank you Brooke.

Second, I have an obsession. It is with fabric. I have a LOT of fabric. No, seriously, a butt load. And.... I. can't. stop. buying. more. True story. I'll show you my latest score. Someday I'll show you all of my fabric.
Here we have a lovely pile of remnants. I <3 remnants!

Here are my fat quarters. Lately I love me some fat quarters! I usually buy them in pre-made, coordinated bundles. Yes, they are more expensive (like $9.99 for 5, but they do have some rolls of 4 for $4.99). BUT.. I will NEVER pay $10 for 5 fat quarters! Pschaw! I have two words for you: Sale and coupons! I don't buy fabric without one or the other. I should also add in there the word "discount". My go-to store has enabled me to buy LOTS by giving me a teacher's discount! This leads me to the third thing about me....
(Psssst!! Hey, do you see the bundle on the far right? Those are BOY designs!! So.. my little guy just may get a cute appliqued onesie or something! Yahoooo!)

III. I have a girl crush. Her name is Joann and she has a kick butt fabric store!! I can't stay away from her. Even when I say I have to cool it and quit spending money on her.. I go back. Always. It doesn't help that that she sends me coupons in the mail every couple of weeks... they draw me in!! Like those fat quarter bundles up there. Retail = $9.99. I had a few 50% off coupons. So, that makes them roughly $5 each.. BUT wait, hold on, that's not all!! She also gives me an ADDITIONAL 15% off of my total purchase for being a teacher!! So, really, how can I NOT buy them?! Oh, and if I go to my favorite cashier Silvia, she always seems to hook me up somehow. Sometimes she gives me 20% off instead of 15% or I swear, she doesn't charge me for some remnants. No clue, but I am always astounded at the amount of crap I get for the money when I go through her lane. She wants a new job though.. so boo on that!

 Cuatro. I am long winded. I would say that I will try to not be, but that would be a lie and I try my best to be honest (sometimes not a good thing, but meh!).

5th. I always have good, eager, intentions. So, to be honest (see, here is proof I'm honest) this blog will probably fizzle over time. BUT, hopefully it is fun for the time being!

I will probably add to this list as I think of things.

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