Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To Do be do be do!

Ok, I know I'm not alone in my SADD. I know LOTS of people have To Do lists a mile long. Whether it be a list of "MUST" reads, or like me, a list of things I MUST make, heck it may even be a list of TV shows you want to watch! My "favorites" tab on my browser is packed to the gills with crafty, sewing, and food blogs and links with projects or things that I have to try!
Here's a few things on my "To Do before school starts" list!
1. A super cute Rainbow softie for Benjamin:

Here is the tutorial! I love this for many reasons. Mostly because her post is hilarious and I have received the same emails from the same corporation's lawyers!

2. An adorable caplet for Brookie!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!

You can find the tutorial here. I think Brooke will think this is SO fun to wear!

3. A to-die-for twirly tiered skirt for Brooke!
Char over at Crap I've Made, shares here tutorial here. Again, something super cute, but fun to wear, I'm sure!

4. Whooo else wants a Hoot Owl!!? I'm going to make one... or three of these!

Check out the tutorial here!

I've got LOTS more, but these are some that I'd like to get done sometime in the next few weeks!

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