Sunday, August 1, 2010

T-shirt to yoga pants transformation!

So, I found this tutorial that shows you how to take an old shirt and convert it into COMFY lounge pants and I fell in LOVE!! I seriously have a TON of old t-shirts that I just can't bear to part with, but I sure as heck can cut them up and make them wearable again! I suppose I can still wear the shirts, but who needs fifty t-shirts (at least!)? Not I, but then again.. who needs fifty pairs of yoga pants either...? I won't make them ALL into pants, but I will make several pairs. Try them for yourself and you will see why! Who doesn't love a comfy t-shirt for their backside!?!

The front of the shirt.

The back of the shirt.
(See, I used to be cool. I used to have friends in fraternities and I would
 go to their parties and events and stuff. Yeah, cool, huh?).


PANTS!! Notice how the front and back graphics go to the front and the side. RAD!

And here is the final product (with the waistband- made from the sleeves!).
You can leave it like that ^ or you can fold it over!
**On this one the seam is on the front and serged. I don't really like it like this.
After this pair I began sewing them so the seam is inside (like it's supposed to be, lol).

Here's a pair for my mom (hadn't added the waistband when I took the pic).

And moi modeling a pair made from one of my dad's old shirts. LOVE THEM!

Here is the waist, sewn the right way. You can leave it up, fold it over, or fold it in!

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