Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sewing Therapy

Since I have to go to the cancer doctor tomorrow, my principal encouraged me to stay home today to collect my thoughts. I'm glad I did because honestly, I wouldn't be very effective at school with all that is flooding my mind and my roller coaster emotional state! So.... since I haven't been able to sew in a long time, I got some projects done!! Yay! I made two sets of re-usable snack bags and sandwich wraps/placemats. They are for my friend who is going to be giving me much needed clothing for Big Ben! He is growing too quickly and needs more clothing! I love that I'm able to get some on a trade! :) She has two little girls who will be getting these; I hope they like them!

And here is the BIG one!! Okay, truth be told, it isn't very large, but Boy Howdee it took me a LONG time to make! Since it turned out so cute though, I'm okay with how long it took. I never make another one though.. ha! I followed this tutorial over at the A Lemon Squeezy Home blog.

First I had to cut out the pieces.

Then I had to cut out and sew on the pieces to make the owl flap. Isn't he cute!?

This lunch bag is cotton on both sides with Insul Brite between the layers (it is pretty warm stuff!).

It is coming along and starting to look like a bag! Yay!

Somehow, I'm supposed to turn the whole bag through this little opening....

It's like birthing a baby....
But woo hoo!! It worked!! After it was turnd I had to do a lot of top stitching and then she was done!
 I love it!!

I think I need to make some coordinating re-usable snack bags and a sandwich wrap/placemat!


  1. This is on my "some day" list. Along with about 87,000 other things! It turned out so cute--good job!

  2. Seriously cute lunch box! It looks pretty time consuming, not sure if I want to tackle this one.
    You and your fam are in my prayers.

  3. Yes, it did take me quite a while to complete this project, but I attribute that mostly to the fact that it is the first time I've ever made a bag, so I took it slowly! I'm pretty sure if I make another one it will go much more quickly! I think I will make another one though and make it larger and maybe use a different interfacing. I've gotten SO many compliments on this one!

  4. I gave you a blog award on my blog :)

  5. Oh wow Amanda!! THANK YOU so much!! I will pass the award along! :)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Andrea!! I accidentally removed your comment!! Aack! THANK you for the compliment! :)

  8. Tracy... Want to move to China? I think we could be best friends! ha ha.. LOVE all that you are sharing here. And this is just TOOOO cute! I think I will have to do this one... just need my darn sewing machine to make it here!


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