Friday, August 13, 2010

Mini-me version of the t-shirt pants!!

This is SERIOUSLY the bomb! Yes, I said it. I said, "the bomb". That's how I roll. I turned in my Cool Card ages ago! But for real, I know how much I LOVE my t-shirt turned yoga pants so why wouldn't Brooke love them just as well? I told her I was going to make something for her when she napped the other day and this is what I did! I followed the tutorial over at Lil Blue Boo. It is quite a bit different than the way I made the adult sized version and it's a little more involved, but it is totally worth it! For the child sized version, you cut from the sides of the shirt so you don't want to use a shirt that has a large graphic, because you would be cutting in to it. I actually used two shirts for this. Totally NOT because I messed up on the first one, NOPE, not at all! So... since I didn't mess up on the first one, I cut the large graphic (Milwaukee Brewers logo) from it and used it on the second shirt. I made solid colored pants and then appliqued the logo from the other shirt onto the pants. LOVE IT! You can often find plain t's at dollar stores or on clearance at Wal Mart or similar. These would be great for the pant part and then you can use your logo or picture or words from old t shirts to applique onto them And, by applique, I mean I straight stitched around the outer edge of the graphic! Another difference is the waist. For these you actually make a casing and insert elastic. This is great for littles and I may make one pair like this for me to see if I like it or not. But, I pretty much am in love with the wide t-shirt waist band on the others b/c well they remind me of my comfy maternity pants! Yes, I will wear maternity clothes until I die. Don't hate.

Just like I will end up with 237927 pairs of these pants.. so will my darling daughter!! You can also fiddle with the length on these and make them into shorts or full length pants.
So.. the boy may just get some as well!!

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  1. I found you through BBC crafty sewing mommas! Just have to say I have a pair of maternity pants that I will wear until the day I die! I think most moms do, but few are confident enough to admit it ;) And I totally need to make some of these for myself - time to go raid the closet!! Maybe if it goes well I'll try to make a pair for my son too...


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