Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mommy & Me Apron!

So the whole premise behind my blogging here is that I will have time, when my babies nap, to sew and make fun things! Well, latley, the napping train has been derailed! I've been in GO mode this week, since it's the last full week I have at home with my babies before I go back to school!! I've had something planned EVERY day! Yesterday was a fun Splash Pad area in a local park (free!!), today we are going here ! I can't wait!! Brooke is into all things crafty and will LOVE this!! If Benjamin can paint with drool, he will be set too! Anyway, I think all of our activities are sometimes too much for Baby Ben and his cat napping in the car has made him not nap for more than an hour at home. Brooke sleeps for 3 hours though! With that being said, I started making these Mommy & Me apron sets sometime last week. As of this post, I have one of the small ones done and all I have left on the Mommy one is to add the ruffles! Must finish!

*I interrupt this post to tell you that my 2 year old (28months) just woke up for the 5th day in a row with a DRY diaper!! Gooo Brooke!! We are diaper free during the day except for sleepy time!! Even though she has been dry when waking up, I'm too chicken to let her sleep in panties! I think it is pretty sad that my 2 year old can sleep through the night w/out having to wake up to pottie.. yet I can not!! LOL!

So, my current To Do list is as follows: finish aprons (at least one set!), make more composition notebook covers for teacher friends, and make some shirts/dresses (?) for ME for school!! I'm scared to attempt making something for me to wear!!! I want something EASY to make, comfortable, and it can not look like a moo-moo!

On to the aprons!!

Here is the madness that was the floor in my sewing room. I goofed on these and didn't look at the fabric before cutting.. so I cut them w/ the pattern on the fabric upside down!! OOOOPs! So.. these particular ones are a little shorter than the pattern calls for, but it's a very forgiving pattern, so I pressed on! :)

Four sweet aprons, all pieces cut and ready to roll!

Here's a close up of the fabrics, too cute!

These are pretty easy to get together and I LOVE the quality of them!! They are fully lined,
gorgeous fabric on both sides, no exposed seams, totally cute!
There is, however, ONE thing that is a thorn in my side with them....
RUFFLES!!! I LOVE the ruffles, they make the apron, but gah all of the pulling, adjusting, pinning, etc!

Viola!! One toddler sized apron finished!!

Thank you Anna for your awesome tutorial!

I am SO PROUD to have been featured on the Yards and Yards blog again, for this very apron!!
Check it out here! Thank you Anna!


  1. I'm drooling over this yummy little apron! super sweet! added a link to your blog on my site!


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