Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Things to hold clothes

Since Baby girl will be here in just a few short weeks, I finally decided that she needed some clothes and a place for them. I had lent Brooke's little sizes to a friend and she got them back to me, so I had the clothes covered. Now, where to put them?! I'm cheap thrifty, so we don't have a dresser or chest of drawers for either kid. LOL.

Brooke's clothes are in a wardrobe sort of a thing. It is tall with two doors and a few shelves. Holds a TON of clothes and works perfectly! 
 This is made out of MDF, I believe. It's pretty darn heavy and sturdy. It was the wood color, so I painted it and decopauged it. :)

Benjamin's clothes are in a bookshelf that I hung valances on with tension rods to cover each shelf. They fit perfectly and it works out amazingly well. Easy-peasy. 
This shelf came from my classroom, and it was given to me. So.. it was FREE. The valances were also freebies and came with the tension rods. 
I *heart* FREE!!

Now, for Bailey all I had was this shelf:
How awful and dejected is that?! ^^
Obviously, it was also free! Ironically (or not), it also came out of my classroom. When we moved to a brand spakin' new school all of our old mis-matched stuff was not allowed. I can't imagine why!? This piece is such a beaut! Okay, so I believe this was actually the top part (hutch) of a larger piece. I used it like this, as a bookshelf.  I got the kids down for their nap and set out to pretty this up a bit. Anything was better than it's original condition, I figured!
I dragged it outside and got all of my supplies. I got to work.
I got ^^that far and was ready to throw in the towel. WHAT was I thinking? It was over 100, it was 1pm, and I am fat (ok, pregnant, but same-same, right?!).

 Being the committed person that I am, I did NOT quit! Here it was after the first coat.
I'm pretty sure that is what I hate about painting. Why isn't ONE coat of paint enough? Eesh!

Yay! I finished the second coat and let it dry then I dragged it back into Brooke's room. I originally thought I would put Bailey's clothes in there.

Yay! The baby won't be naked!! I organized and folded the NB-6mo clothes!

Then I sewed up curtains from some IKEA fabric I had and slipped a tension rod in the pocket. Viola! A transformation! My "solution" for that odd open top to the shelf was to... put a shelf on top! 

In my nesting madness, I've already moved this from Brooke's room to the room that has Benjamin's clothes and the changing table (my sewing/craft room). It isn't great, but it's better than it was! :)

 My poor son is doomed with two sisters and a mother who thinks things like this are funny!


  1. Love the redo! how clever and crafty you are!!

  2. I love that! I was wondering what you'd name your newest... Bailey is such a cute name!


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