Monday, August 8, 2011

Another puffy paint craft!

After seeing my homemade puffy paint post, my friend Jessica told me about another way to do a homemade puffy paint activity with the kiddos that she uses with her first graders. She said it was much easier than the one we did! So.. I had to try it! Tons of fun and yes, a little easier, and plenty messy!

We did this right after nap time and SOMEONE woke up on the wrong side of the crib. I won't tell you who.. I'm pretty sure you can figure it out on your own!

Supplies needed:
Shaving Cream
Liquid glue
Food coloring
containers to mix the "paint" in (I used a metal muffin tin from the dollar store)
something to paint with (I used foam brushes)

1. Using a half and half mixture, squeeze some glue into each mixing container. One bottle of glue gave me a good amount of three different colors. Oh, and UNSCREW the lid of the glue and squeeze. Don't try to fill the container by squeezing the glue through the little pointy tip you unscrew. Not that I initially tried that. No way, not me.
2. Pick your colors and squeeze some drops into the glue. However much or little you want. The more coloring, the darker or more vibrant the color will be, obviously.
3. Use your brush and stir the glue and coloring together so that it incorporates well.

 4. Add a big 'ole dollop of shaving cream, roughly the same amount as your glue. Although really how does one measure such a thing? Glue is a dense liquid and then the shaving cream is a puff of fluff. I really don't think this matters much. Squirt away! :)

5. Use your brush and mix, mix, mix.I scooped half of it out and put it in another container so it was more manageable.

6. Mix up the other colors the same way.

I love the smell of shaving cream. I also love that it reminds me of Reddi Whip. Reddi Whip pretty much makes the world go 'round. I want some Reddi Whip.

Clue #1.
Well, at least she is quite excited to get started!!

This looks cool. All tie dyed looking and stuff.

Ready. Set. GO!

I have made super cute aprons for both kids, and they wear them for cooking/baking with me... but I don't want them to get ruined, so I picked up these cheapies from the dollar store as well! 

I mixed red and blue (on the left) to get a purple....ish color. Yellow and blue on the right gave me green.. duh! I just wanted to see how it looked! 

Brooke's masterpiece!

 Clue #2.

I LOVE this!

Mr. Ben is quite the little artist!

This was a total hit! Another keeper art project! You can do this with plain white glue and shaving cream, with no coloring added on black or blue paper for snow men and snow in the winter! :)

You will need to set your papers aside to dry for a full 24 hours. The next day they look pretty much the same - they are puffy, but dry! :)


  1. This is very cool! I love the texture of the shaving cream paint. I am sure Owen will think it is edible though. We will have to try this one! :)

  2. Very cute! Me and the boys will have to try this. One of my all time favorite movies is Hook and this totally reminds me of their food.


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