Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Car Washing Chaos

Over the weekend we decided to wash the cars. This idea had a few benefits:
1. Well, the cars would go from being dirty to being clean  (durr!)
2. We could all cool off a bit.. over 30 days with temps over 100.. oy vey!
3. Family bonding time, of course!
4. An unexpected one... comedy/entertainment for others...

The players:
1. Mom (very pregnant and due in 3 weeks)
2. Dad (very sympathetic preggo belly)
3. a 3 year old
4. an almost 1 1/2 year old
5. a yellow water hose with a sprinkler spray attachment
6. a black hose with a broken hand sprayer attachment that sprays out of the nozzle where it is supposed to and also out of the top where it is cracked from being dropped/thrown
7. a hand mitt washing thingy

 ^^ He was trying to fill his cup. FAIL.

^^I showed him the err of his ways and he was well on his way to cup-full-of-water happiness.

It really WAS nice to have helpers! But, to anyone who may have been watching they may  have thought we were auditioning for a circus. Dad was topless.. err shirtless and being meticulous about washing his "baby". Brooke was loving using the mitt to wash off the dirt, but could only reach as high as her 3 year old arms would let her, so I had to do all of the washing up high. Benjamin was the hose man, which is fine.. except when I needed the hose. He got PISSED if I took it away. I was out there wearing a lovely maternity swim suit top, Champion basketball shorts, and Crocs. Sexxy. Brooke was wearing a swim suit that is a size too small and Ben wore only a swim diaper.

He's got the power!!

Corey and I just stood there laughing at this. He KEPT spraying himself in the face (with the top spray) and it kept making him mad and causing him to make the funniest faces every time he got hosed in the face! He was so frustrated, but didn't stop spraying!! 

We  had a great time, the cars got clean, we laughed, and we cooled off.

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