Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bathtub puffy paint FAIL!!

So I've had this bathtub puffy paint tutorial bookmarked (even before Pinterest!) for a loong time! I just hadn't tried it yet, until today. Perhaps I should have left it on my To Do list and never checked it off....

 Brother was still sleeping and she said, "Let's go ahead and get started, mom. Ok?" How could I say no?

The tutorial said to use grated soap. I wasn't about use a cheese grater for this, perhaps I should have, but I think it would have had the same, sad results!

Ohh la! la! It is grated up! It smelled wonderful!  So, I added the rest of the bar.

Brooke said she wanted to taste it. I had to remind her it was soap, not food! 

I wanted to make purple first. So I added some water (as directed) with red and blue food coloring and got...


So I added more red and gave it another whirl..
 I checked on it and it looked like something died in there and bled all over the grayness.
I threw in the towel here. Mine looked NOTHING like the stuff in the tutorial. I'm a very competitive person and don't usually give up, but there are some things that you just can't win! Stupid bathtub puffy paint pooey! Brooke insisted it was ok though, so I blobbed it into a baggie for her and we moved on to Plan B.
 (anyone need a baggie of shredded soap?...)

EVERY one should have a Plan B. So.. out came our handy dandy dollar store muffin tin, the shaving cream, food coloring, and foam brushes. 

Someone joined us for this one! Someone who isn't a fan of getting things on his hands- lol!

I used 6 drops of color for each cream puff (so if I mixed two colors to make another color, I only used 3 of each.. you follow?). 

We made yellow, red (pinkish), orange, blue, green, and teal. Purple didn't get a second chance today.


I snipped a corner off of the "purple" bag of nastiness and tried to squirt it onto the wall. It fell onto the soap dish like a big lumpy turd with food particles in it. The turd did spread well on the wall though and Brooke had fun with it! 

See?! It does look a little purple-y afterall!

Benjamin had fun, but lost interest long before his sister did.

When you are done with the wall "canvas"... your body becomes one apparently!

While she played, Benjamin and I did this: 

She sneezed and got shaving cream in her eye. LOL

I do suppose using liquid watercolors like she did in her tutorial for the puffy paint would be a wise thing. It would also be wise to not use a WHITE towel to clean up. Oops.

Even though the bathtub puffy paint was a big, fat failure, Brooke and I still had fun and she enjoyed it! I also now have another reason for needing a food processor since my blender didn't hack it! So glad our Plan B worked.. we had fun! 

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