Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pinsperation: Food Edition #2

More yummy food inspiration from Pinterest!
Here we go!

Gather your ingredients. I just used a Pillsbury French Loaf since Benjo can eat that, you could also use one of their pizza crust, I'd bet! You need the basics for pizza: Sauce, cheese, and whatever toppings you desire. 

Please notice the rectangular dough awkwardly laid out on the round pizza stone. This is a perfect opportunity for me to tell you that my husband owes me a Large Bar Pan from Pampered Chef since he broke mine. My dough would have been much happier on a rectangular pan, just sayin'.

I don't measure ingredients. Just follow along with the pictures to see how to make one for yourself! (this is about half of a jar of pizza sauce, btw)

The boy loved the pepperoni!

I told him to smile. I'm guessing this is going to be his cheesy smile. All kids have them. Brooke's makes her look Chinese and super goofy.. not so cute actually! haha!

I cut off the end here since my non-dairy boy can't have the goodness that is cheese. It really makes me sad the he can't have cheese. 

So, here you will cut the edges into about 1" strips. 

Pull the ends up so the toppings don't gush out when it bakes. Then wrap your pieces around... however you can! 

Bake at 325 for 30 minutes, take it out and brush w/ olive oil and oregano, put back in for 5 more minutes.. 


YUMMY cheesy goodness!

Yummy, non-cheesy goodness!

2. Blender Madness!
I have seen several posts about how to make your own homemade Frappuccino's or Iced Coffee for super cheap at home. Had to try one! The one I went with is from the Money Saving Mom blog and it is super easy and delish! Now, I don't have a Magic Bullet (yet, lol!), so I just used my blender and guesstimated. Worked out beautifully! I may or may not have had one yesterday and today.. and fully plan on one tomorrow.. 
Now, to get my cold coffee, all I did was fill up a big glass (two servings worth) and pop it into the fridge. We always dump out about that much when we make coffee in the morning, so this worked out perfectly. I didn't make it stronger or anything, just used it the way we drink it hot.
Since mommy was making a blender drink for herself, Brooke, of course wanted a blender drink. So, I whipped up a couple of strawberry-banana and rice milk smoothies. All I used was a banana, 5 strawberries, ice, a  little sugar, and rice milk!

This was during the blending process.. Lol!

We are sitting on the counter. Of course...

Both recipes can be found at the Chef-n-Training blog (one of my new fave blogs!!). I love that her recipes all require few ingredients, many of which you may already have on hand, and they are un-complicated!

Parmesan knots. It says to roll them and then tie them into a knot. My literal self got out the rolling pin.. and then quickly realized she meant roll like a log.. hahaha!

These were both HUGE hits! I did not make the sauce like she has in her recipe. Instead I had made my own from this recipe a couple of weeks ago and had frozen. So, I just used that! Ben couldn't eat the rolls b/c of the filling and the cheese on top, so I just cut up some noodles and added sauce and he goggled it up!

One word: YUM!
I actually made these over two days. You have to do your chicken separately than the enchilada part. Let me just say that if you can't do that (like if you need to put it in before work and come home to a finished meal), then you should do this on two days as well. Do your chicken one day (on low) and then shred it and prep your enchiladas the next day and come home to a finished, and delicious, meal! 
Also- her method of adding chicken, water, and taco seasoning makes for some super moist and yummy chicken! I shredded it simply by stirring it with my fork after I took it out! It would make a good chicken for other recipes as well, such as tacos. 

You make this in two layers. I took pics of the order of one layer.
The sour cream sauce mixture (she says one container of sour cream, I used the 16oz size)

Corn tortillas

Green enchilada sauce

Check on the boy playing on the counter...

The lovely shredded chicken


Repeat. Then set it and forget it!



  1. Thanks for posting this and pointing out this blog! I am now following her too. This is in our crockpot as we speak. The chicken was SO GOOD! I can't wait to taste the rest. I used cheesy taco mix for added cheese goodness. I plan on trying those chicken tacos she just did. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I pinned all those recipes and am now following that blog too, thanks! I always love yummy and simple dinner ideas


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