Saturday, August 6, 2011


This has been a wonky week as far as naps go.. We had a lot of work done at our house. Well, it was all done outside of our house and it pretty much was all loud. Work men don't work around nap times, so we took what we could and rolled with it. We have some big trees and we have had some big storms. Several years ago.. like maybe 5?.. I really can't remember, we had a huge storm and lost a ginormo tree in between our house and our neighbors. It fell into our neighbors yard and up against her house. It was literally inches away from crushing the whole front. It popped up our driveway and we've had a lovely crack and broken spot in the middle of our driveway since then. At first it was over 2feet high but it settled a ton over the years. We also had another bump/crack at the end of our driveway from tree roots to another huge tree. We finally decided to get these fixed and have that half of our driveway re-poured. The video is of the Bobcat yanking the stump out. It was pretty impressive! Brooke was afraid of it at first, but has since decided that she likes the "Little Bobcats".

If I had an award to give out for the hardest working people I've ever met, I would give it to the crew that worked on our driveway/porch. There were two guys the first day and three the next day that broke all of the concrete up.. BY HAND!! Well, by sledgehammer. AND they loaded it all into the trailer by hand as well!! It seemed like cruel and unusual punishment to me though! It was over 100 degrees (up to 110) every day this week!
Here is the excitement! This is our driveway. Sadly I don't have a before picture to show how jacked up it was!

 Here we have our porch. Since we have lived here, it has fallen, sunken, slanted, settled (?) away from the house. The bossman said there was a 6" differential from the front to the back of the porch (up against the house). That crack there on the left was about 2" more closed when we moved in. Like, if you dropped something down there, there was no retrieving it. Now, you could crawl down and retrieve whatever your little heart desired! Not good! Our posts were easy to move and since the geniuses that added this porch in the first place didn't tie it into the house, but DID tie it into the roof, it had started pulling the roof away and causing some bricks to loosen. Rad. Or not.

They tied everything in to the house and added rebar as well as putting in supports under the porch. They leveled it all out and poured over it, adding quite a bit to the porch. 

It was all very entertaining, as you can see.

This is quite a view!

All done!

So, needless to say, I didn't have as much time during nap to do my sewing/crafts. I did manage to make a few things though! I desperately needed a grocery sack holder, so I whipped one up! I LOVE it and plan to make another one. I used some scrap fabric leftover from my patio cushion re-do! It's a little long/skinny, but holds 20 bags and I'm happy with it. I also took pictures for a tutorial, so I'll try to get that up later if anyone is interested! It's quick and easy!

 I also made an um.. "sensory ribbon blanket" or whatever you aren't supposed to call them b/c the Taggie nazi's have patented every word, variation, and method of making these things. Anywho, I love how it turned out and made two of them and one burp cloth to use up the material I had. One blanket was for a friend who needed one for a baby shower. The burp cloth and blanket are yet unclaimed. I'm thinking they will be for Bailey..

I also finished my "test" dress for Brynnberlee Designs. I adore this dress and Brooke loves it too!

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  1. cute dress!

    And my son would find that work quite entertaining as well. :)


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