Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Still glowing...

So I went back to the Nuclear Medicine department last Friday to have my levels checked again. Brook got out the geiger counter and I was "good" at 3 feet, but still too "hot" w/in about 12-15". It was crazy how quickly the levels jumped up as he moved in closer with the geiger probe.
I had him test himself and the needle hovered right at the bottom, close to zero, as it should. When he put it up to me, it flew up to the far right and made a sound. A sad sound. This meant it was back to my parents for another couple of days. This was on day 10, and the paperwork said 12 days, but everyone had said this was the conservative end of things- most people don't have to wait that long. "Lucky me", I was going to have to! He and another Nuke Med person said that I was ok to be about a foot away from adults, but still couldn't be near pregnant women and young children. I said I'd be back Monday morning for some good news.. hopefully!

On to Monday. Day 13. I was hoping and praying, along with a lot of my family and friends that I would be cleared today. I got there a little before 8:30 when everyone would be there. I needed to figure out what I was going to do because Brooke had a follow-up appointment with the ENT and Ben had his 9mo. check up. I REALLY needed to get Brooke in to the ENT since she was going to have to be x-rayed again and we were going to see if we needed to go ahead with surgery. A nice lady helped me and made it sound like they were expecting me. Pretty sad when they recognize you at the hospital! LOL. Another lady came out and used the geiger counter on me. My levels were a little less than they were on Friday, but still not low "enough" to get the ok for full contact. She did say that I could hold my kids and be around them, but couldn't hold them for longer than 15 or 20 minutes at a time and I couldn't sleep with them or my husband for another few days. *sigh*. For a co-sleeping family, this was a bummer! But, I, of course, don't want to put anyone at risk, so I will wait! I did decide to go home though. I had already packed up all of my stuff and was definitely READY to go home! Corey was at home waiting for me. He was waiting for me to get there so he could go to work. My friend Erin had agreed to meet me and go with me to the ENT so she could help hold the kids. Thank GOD for her!! My mother-in-law and her husband said they would come down to help out too, thank goodness! Corey has off on Wednesday, so this all has worked out pretty well. I have been able to hold the kids for a little while, here and there. It is sad not being able to hold Ben and put him to sleep, but there will be plenty of time for that later.

Erin went with me to the ENT appointment and it was a good thing she did! We were there for a while since the doctor saw both kids. Ben is getting over an ear infection and has fluid in his other ear. The doctor will follow up with him in December, but it looks like he is following in the footsteps of his sister with her ears (not a good thing!). Brooke's adenoids were even larger than before, one of her sinuses was clearer, and her tonsils were still huge. So.. surgery is scheduled for mid-December. She will be having her adenoids removed, her tonsils removed, her sinuses flushed out (since the strong antibiotics didn't even clear up her infection), and her tubes removed. Depending on how her ears look behind the tubes, he may or may not put new tubes back in. Jeepers!! It won't be a fun day and won't be a fun recovery, but she is one TOUGH Cookie and I am sure she will do just fine. She has also been having episodes of apnea from all of this. She snores and seems to have constant allergies, runny nose alternating with congestion. This should all improve greatly after her surgery!

Ben has HORRIBLE eczema- even worse than Brooke's. We now have to use Locoid, a prescription steroid cream, on him, since nothing else has worked. Hopefully this will help get it under control. He also has thrush in his mouth and an awful yeast diaper rash, from the super strong antibiotics he has been on for his ear infections. :(  Here's hoping that some Genetian Violet and Nystatin can help get that cleared up! He is 9 months old now and weighs 20lb and is 29 1/4" long. His growth has slowed down considerably! In fact, he was nearly 21lbs 13oz at one of his sick visits not long ago and is now down to just 20lbs! He was 19 1/2lbs at his 6mo. visit! His weight is just under 50th percentile and his height is about 75th.

And.. in other news.. I have completed my civic duty as the Spelling Fairy. I am happy to report that although this took me three different trips to complete my objective, it is done!! All letters are in place and have remained on the wall since I first started "fixing" the signs! I wonder how long they will be there! Some are glue-stick'ed on and some are taped. I also wonder if there's cameras on those signs and, if so, what the people behind them thought when they saw me digging paper and a glue stick or tape dispenser out of my purse and taping the letters on the wall! hahaha!! Here's the before and after pictures. Please to enjoy!

Before & After
(added the 'S' in Ultrasound)

Before, during (forgot the 'I' in Medicine)...

and AFTER!! All done! :)



  1. http://greattypohunt.com/ <--- you would enjoy this. They did a thing on them on a morning news show awhile back it is two college friends that go around the country correcting peoples spelling and grammar. It is hilarious! You are completely awesome because with everything you are going through you still managed to correct their signs. LOL! Hope ya feel better and that you stop glowing soon!hey at least your your own night light ;)

  2. I love your blog. You are so upbeat and always keep a sense of humor even with some of life's biggest challenges. I am having some thyroid issues (already have Hashimotos) and your blog gives me hope-if I do have cancer I can deal. Thank you! Hope you are doing well!

  3. Meg- that is hilarious!

    Anonymous (I shall call you Bertha, since I don't know your name!). Bertha- thank you so much for the compliment! I hope your thyroid issues are manageable, but yes, you can get through! I am well, thanks for reading my blog! :)


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