Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fat Quarter Apron

SO cool that you can make a half apron by using a fat quarter! For those who don't know what one is, it is a 1/4  yard of fabric, but it is cut differently than just by cutting a yard into fourths. This picture best illustrates what I mean.
Basically, it's just a way that fabric can be cut to get WAY more use out of it! This apron should take you only about 20 minutes if you have a pre-cut fat quarter and some pre-made or bought trim. On my little "retreat" here, I didn't bring my fat quarter stash (durn it all, I knew I forgot something!!). I also don't have any pre-made trim and obviously couldn't go out and get some! So.... I cut my own fat quarter from some yardage I had and made my own trim as well. Needless to say, this took me WAY longer than 20 minutes! But, it was still super easy! I followed the great tutorial over at Prudent Baby. Funny story about why I made an apron on my first evening in isolation. I didn't expect to sew at all for my first few days here. However, I was blog surfing and stumbled upon a contest they were having. Super competitive me just HAD to enter!! I read the post about the apron contest at 8pm and freaked a little when I read on and found out the deadline was midnight! So... to my machine I went! Hey, if I have a chance to win a bundle of 22 fat quarters, I'm all in! My actual odds of winning are pretty much slim to none, but hey, I certainly can't win if I don't enter, right!
I had brought along this fabric to make an apron b/c it just screams apron!
Start with one fat quarter (or cut fabric to 18"x22").

Cut one 4" strip off of the long (22") side.

Fold the larger portin in half and find something to use to round the corner. 
You need to trim the bottom corners to be round.

Cut along your line.

Fold the short sides of your 4" strip in 1/4" and press. Do the same with your long sides. Press.

This is when you get out your trim. I had to make mine. I cut 4 3" strips of material from a yard of fabric. I sewed two of them together to make one 6" strip (after realizing I should have just cut one 6" strip to make this easier!- live and learn). I will be using this one for the waistband ties. The other strips I sewed together, short end to short end to make one very long 3" strip. This is what I used for the pleated "ruffle" trim around the apron.

I folded the 3" trim over, with wrong sides facing out and sewed it, thus making it 1 1/2", but with a 1/4" seam. Then I turned it with my handy dandy turning tool, pressed it and then sewed it to the apron. I sewed it with the seam side on the raw edge of the apron. I sewed it on to the front (see pic), and then turned it and topstitched to help hold it down.

Like so. I topstitched very close to where the two fabrics come together. It looks great!

Then I attached the waistband ties and the top band. The top band is made by folding the 4" strip over and pressing in the middle. I pinned my waistband inside and then folded over the top band and stitched in place. I sewed two vertical lines where I attached the waistband and then sewed along the top and bottom edge of the top band.

And thar she be! The finished product! Love it!

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