Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I needed some smiles and the easiest way to produce smiles is for me to look at pictures of my babies, since I can't see them in person right now. So.. I thought I'd share my smiles with you! Enjoy!

Brooke is sitting on the tree trunk seat I made for her by using a chainsaw. I love that she loves to sit on it and now I am compelled to make one just like it for her brother! She is stepping on the heads of the cement turtles on each side of her chair.... Which reminds me, we need to paint those tutrles.

Look at my sweet baby boy!! Gosh I miss those cheeks!

He was actually sick in this picture. He had a high fever, but needed some fresh air. Gosh he's handsome!

My little cheeser in the best store on earth: Costco. It's true and she knows this. Whenever I tell her we are going shopping she always asks if we can go to Costco! I have trained her well!

I was quite impressed with his natural model pose (not bad for an 8-month old!)
Following in the footsteps of his sister with his picture-taking skills, I'm SO proud!

He thought it was HI-larious when I was playing peek-a-boo around the tree trunk!


Love her!

I miss you babies!!!!

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