Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I really know how to light up a room....

with my glowing personality! :)
No. Seriously. LOL!
See... can't you see the glow?
Okay, maybe it is just the flash?!

I had to go in to the hospital today to get my RAI, Radioactive Iodine Ablation treatment. It was just me swallowing two radiactive pills, but it was very interesting. I will be blogging about the latest "stuff" with my Thyroid Cancer and treatment, as well as my time in isolation. Taking the pill makes ME radioactive! I will be at my parents, in their guest room (a very sweet set-up, actually), for the next 12 days. I will be away from my OMG -he will be 9 months old tomorrow!!!!- 9 month old and 2 1/2 year old and my sweet husband. This is painfully sad for me. BUT, I must focus on the postives. I will get some much needed rest and relaxation. I can hopefully de-stress a LOT now that we are on the downhill side of this cancer business! Sleep. This is another thing that I DESPERATELY need to catch up on and I haven't had any uninterrupted sleep in years. Seriously. And, finally, I will get some SEWING done!!! So.. I am dubbing this my "Radioactive Sewing Retreat"! It has a nice ring to it, methinks! So, I was going to say that this retreat will begin tomorrow, but I may or may not have already started sewing. I may or may not have made an apron already...


  1. You rock my socks Trac!

  2. def see the glow! Funny though I always thought if you were radioactive you would glow green. Your glowing angels! :P I know it will be hard being away from the babies it was hard for me when I was away from my little 9 month old for one night. But man uninterrupted sleep sounds amazing! Good luck with the sewing! I am sure your going to show us up in the sew group these next 12 days.

  3. Love the apron. I just bought one for Ryan but I should have asked you to sew him one during your retreat time!


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