Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello Cupcake!

When I saw this tutorial on how to make a no-sew cupcake costume, I knew I had to make this! Thing was, I had already decided that I wanted Brooke to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween. Well... after some thinking, I've decided she can wear her Minne Mouse get up for her birthday in March instead. (I will be making her skirt following using this pattern, but in pink. It will be to. die. for!) Let's face it, I just don't have the time to do a lot between now and Halloween! I have school work to catch up on, report cards to do, oh and since I'm off of my meds my energy level is dwindling by the day!
The cupcake was so super easy and really didn't take very long at all to make! In the tutorial above the lady didn't sew ANYTHING! I just couldn't do that, and ony hot glued ONE thing on this- the circles on the "icing"!. She also had a price list and she spent about $19. I used fabric remnants and ribbon I already had on hand. All I bought was the sheets of felt for the dots, 1/2 yard of felt for the wrapper and the white ruffle trim. All in all, less than $3 out of pocket for me! Woo-hoo!

I used a t-shirt to cut out the neckline.

(this is folded over)

This is the second layer, you don't need to cut it, it will slip right over the head of the little girl.

I stacked the felt pieces before cutting out the circles for decorating the cupcake.

To get the bottom "wrapper", I sewed the brown felt yardage into a circle, slightly wider than Brooke. Then I flipped it inside out and sewed down one side, at an angle from the top to the bottom.
The bottom is more narrow than the top, like on a real cupcake.

You can see the lines in the brown fleece there on the bottom part of the "wrapper". In the tutorial, she cut strips out and glued them on. I had this brown fleece with lines in it and it was PERFECT! I got the same look w/ no effort! I sewed the brown fleece on to the brown felt (underneath) at the top and the bottom.

I used a wide ribbon for the straps here and the same ribbon at
the bottom of the wrapper as a contrasting trim.

She LOVED it!!


  1. SO cute!! My daughter is the same age as yours (also born in March!) and she would LOVE this! She would have also loved the Cookie Monster one:) She had a Sesame Street birthday party last would have been perfect!

  2. It's never too late! You could whip up this cupcake in an hour or two! Not sure exactly how long it took since it was made in "installments"! LOL! Yay for our March babies!! Cookie Monster was easy too! I don't do things that take too long... I'm too ADD for long projects! The quilt I "made" this summer for the baby boy is the longest I've ever spent on one project. Don't ask me if I've hand sewed the binding yet....


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