Monday, July 11, 2011

An apron.. for a boy!

Last summer I made some aprons using the tutorial by Anna from the Yards and Yards blog. At the time, Benjamin was only about 6 months old and didn't need an apron. Well, now that he is a year older (and wiser?!) I decided he needed his very own apron. This is what I came up with:

Okay so maybe it was Corey who decided Benjamin shouldn't be wearing Brooke's apron when he came home to this:.... So what if it was a mod floral pattern with ruffles?!....

I used a striped fabric on the front and some adorable doggie fabric for the pocket. 

I left the ruffles off of the pocket and the bottom of the apron.. for obvious reasons. 

It may be hard to see it here, but the back is a light blue fabric with darker blue swiss dots. (Ohhhh, GO ME! I just googled to see if I was correct in calling that a swiss dot and I was right! Point Tracy.) I also made a fabric tie using the same blue material instead of a satin ribbon, again for obvious reasons (it's sort of hard to make a shiny satin ribbon look masculine!). 

 Here is Mr. Benjamin, fresh up from a nap! He loved it!


Brooke had to get in on the apron-posing action... shocker!

And since Brooke was running around and twirling with her hands in the air....

Benjamin had to do it too! 

My loves! 

Next up?... getting some boy dress up clothes!

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