Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Monster party for Benjamin!

So yeah, Benjamin turned 1 in early February.. and I'm typing this in um.. early July. Better late than never, I say! 

I wanted to come up with a theme for Ben's party since that is how I roll and since he was only turning one, he wasn't "in" to anything. I looked and looked and came up with a Little Monster theme and I love how it turned out! Mind you, my darling husband bitches and moans about every party we have and how I go a *smidge* overboard with the planning and my lofty ideas about making the decorations and food. But, once it happens, he is always pleased with the results and thanks me for my hard work! (Smart man!). 

Benjamin in front of the inflatable cake at daycare.

So this picture = hilarious. But, you aren't laughing?.... Well.. a few people had arrived and we were all in the kitchen finishing things up and putting out the food. Benjamin was in the living room... opening up his presents!  Yup. I heard silence and knew something was up. Sure enough, I found this scene when I checked on him! Ahahaha! That's my boy!

I made this fruit monster and was very proud of how it turned out!! 

I LOVE this stuff!! Here is the recipe! You can make it with oyster crackers, pretzels, 
goldfish, or a combination of all of them like I did here. 

Pampered Chef's cool veggie pizza!! YUM YUM! Recipe here.

Happy Birthday banner.

Super awesome monster cupcakes! One of my co-workers made these! They turned out SO cute! 

Benjamin's first (and LAST) cupcake....

He ate a banana flavored one.... 

and promptly broke out in HIVES and had to be rushed to the ER!!!
(true story). You can see the reaction on his skin where the icing touched.

My friend Erin went with us (I needed someone to help calm me down and she was awesome!). 

The nurses and doctors referred to him as "cupcake boy"... har har har!

He scratched his little forearm so much it pretty much turned into one whole whelp. 

All tuckered out after a CRAZY, busy day! 

This "cupcake" incident prompted our pediatrician to do an allergy blood test that came back showing he's allergic to milk, eggs, and "nuts". (Oy vey!!) We got a referral to a pediatric allergist and he had further testing that showed milk, eggs, cashew, and sesame. There was several other things he tested positive for, but not as severely and we are to trial them. This has been one crazy allergy rollercoaster and on top of the allergies, he has eczema (exacerbated by the allergies, we've found), and asthma. Slowly but surely we are figuring it all out and it is our hope that soon we can get him "all better"!


  1. Oh my goodness...poor thing. What a birthday! My youngest also has ezcema. Love your cucakes though....they are adorable!

  2. Great job with the party!!! I have already started planning Owen's 2nd birthday which isn't until LATE October. lol. I was thinking Monster theme because it is close to Halloween but he is SO into trucks and construction vehicles that we will probably go that route instead. At least you will always have something to tell him about his 1st birthday! Allergies SUCK! Hope he outgrows most or all of them!

  3. Allergies are the pits! I hope he grows out of at least a few. The monster theme is a great idea :)


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