Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"One Hour" Sundress....

Or not. It always takes me longer to make something the first time I make it and this "One Hour Sundress" took at least 2x what it said.. but I did also try to make two at once.. so maybe the name does fit it?! I figured if I was making one, I may as well make two! I finished 4th of July dress #2 today and went ahead and cut out and worked on another dress with some adorable fabric I picked up the other day. I followed this tutorial from the From An Igloo Blog (she has some great tutorials! I've made her art case as well). She did a great job of walking you through the steps and I had no trouble at all completing this today, albeit wasn't completed during actual naptime! There was some "put both kids in the crib in the craft room to play" time, some snack time in your play room time, and some get out 2 puzzles... which the kids loosely translated into meaning "dump out the entire BIN of puzzles and destroy the play room floor". Oh well! Brooke wanted the dress to be finished for her to wear to "bible church" (Vacation Bible School). We had to leave at 5:15. I finished it at 5:05! Whew.. just in time to snap a couple of quick pics before heading out!

I love how it turned out. It is a long dress, which is ok and she can wear it for a while. I didn't finish the other dress and before I sew up the sides, I'm going to cut the main fabric into more of an a-line shape instead of a sheath. I think I will like that even better!

Here's all of the material cut up.. I did this while sitting on the floor. Good times! 

This is what I had to work around.... and yes.... I can still see my toes!!

Two of everything = twice the amount of FUN! 

So, the only thing I did differently than the tutorial is that I don't do my ruffles with basting stitches anymore!.. not since I discovered the awesome and amazing way of using a wide zig-zag and a contrasting piece of thread in the middle instead! LOVE it! Okay, I love it as much as I can love sewing damn ruffles. They are a major pain in the hiney, but they are worth it for the cuteness that they add to anything!  I tried to take a picture of the zig-zag/ thread in action!

And there is my little pretty!!

My sweet, beautiful, patient girl!! She is rad.

Oh, and I wasn't kidding about the Puzzle-palooza!
I would also like to add: I love Melissa & Doug products. They are superior to most of their counterparts. However, the puzzles with sounds are CREEPY!! They have been randomly going off all night long- freaking me out! I've heard sirens, roars, chirps, and barking coming from the play room all night long.. and no one is in there! Seriously, after I snapped this picture, I got a siren as I walked away...  Ooooh maybe that was on purpose! Sweet. I've still got it! Yup, yup.


  1. It took me 3 hours to make that one hour dress too!

  2. I'm sure a "one hour dress" would take me about 5 hours. Considering a "10-minute onesie dress" took me about an hour the first time I tried it. I need to come to some sort of an agreement/truce with ruffling so this may be a good dress to learn on.


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