Friday, June 17, 2011

Blog comments?

This is my random thought for the day. How is it that 100-200 people can look at a blog each day and only one or two leave a comment?

Perhaps it just isn't that interesting.


  1. Some blogs are a pain to comment on, and I'm not that patient. Your blog is nice and easy though, so I'll send some comment love!

  2. So funny. My blog never gets any comments at all anymore but plenty of page views a day. I am doing it mostly for myself anyway though. :/

  3. I'll confess...I read yours and Shannon's on a regular basis and never leave a comment. I'll start :)


  4. I'm shy!!! I can leave more comments, if you would like!!!

  5. I wonder the same thing about my own blog! I just try to make a point of commenting as often as I can and hope others do the same. Because, let's be honest--getting comments on your blog gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling!


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