Thursday, June 16, 2011


"Nuff said! Mmmmm!! Who doesn't love a warm, fresh donut? If you haven't ever made your own donuts, then you are missing out! It is super easy and they are delicious! On top of it all, it's a fun activity to do with your kiddos! Mine loved it and I see a lot more donut-making in our future (within reason, of course!). I was inspired by this blog. Her donuts look a lot more "realistic" than mine do and it may be that I used a different type of biscuit than she did? I had to use the biscuits that are made without milk and egg for my allergic boy. I was excited to be able to make something like this that he would be able to eat! Here is our donut making morning.. in pictures!

Here's all of our supplies!

The "pop!" of the biscuit can was very fascinating for both of them!

We went with the "patriotic" theme for our donuts since we have our 4th of July vacation on the brain.. and maybe because I couldn't find a small circle cookie cutter....

I just love this picture of her little hand! Such a helper!

Before putting the whole donut in, I had to test with a star donut "hole".

The holes were great so I kept on! I love it! These are super fun! 

I turned them out onto a cooling rack stacked on a cookie sheet for any excess oil to drain off.

Then, while still warm, I placed each donut in my "icing", 
which was made from powdered sugar and water. 

Then we had to top with our patriotic sprinkles, of course!! 

Tasting the donuts.....

He LOVED them!

We made some with "sparkles" (as Brooke calls them) and some plain ones. 

Part-way through we discovered that the rolling pin from the play kitchen
actually worked better than my wooden one! 

Seriously, try these- you won't be sorry! You may be fatter, but not sorry!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you like the donuts and that your little boy liked them too:) I love that you used the star shape...makes me wonder if any of my letter cutters would work! That might be really fun!

  2. Kelli- Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the great idea! There's not many breakfast things Ben can eat, so this was a real treat! Letter cutters would be fun!

  3. I love sparkle donuts, too! This looks like fun. I'm adding it to our list of things to do during our best summer ever!


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