Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day 2011

For the third year in a row, I've hauled the kid(s) outside, given them a wooden letter, taken 23080343 pictures (no lie), picked out the best 3, and then matted them for a super sweet Father's Day gift! Corey has always loved them so now it's a tradition, I guess! I'm psyched about next year when each letter will have a different child holding it!

Let's start this by saying that I live in Texas. I am 7 months pregnant. It is already in the 100's... in June!. It's hard to get two kids to 1. hold a letter, 2. smile, 3. look at the camera. Trust me. All the while I'm flapping around like a bird in a bird bath with a clipped wing... making noises to get them to look at me, reminding the 3 year old to just keep looking at  me and not "help" her 1 year old brother (as sweet as that is!) because it just pisses him off, cursing in my head (most of the time), and sweating in unnatural places. But.... it is ALL worth it!

Since I'm pretty sure that my dear husband doesn't read my blog (pretty sure he doesn't even know the blog address), it is safe for me to post my final pics! I will get a 3-opening picture frame to put these in for Dad's day! Here are the winners- and by winners, I mean the best of what I had to work with! At some point I said ENOUGH- which is why the picture with both of them is pretty much a fail pic!

And... while I have your attention.. please enjoy some of the um... outtakes!


  1. A couple of tricks. 1. some sort of candy in your pocket -- think Smarties. They work WONDERS! ;) Give a little candy as bribery. 2. Take an apple and put it on your head. Try to balance it as you take pictures while saying silly things like oooohh no it's gonna fall!!! 3. Tell the kids that their favorite character (Mickey Mouse or whatever) went into the camera lens and ask if they see Mickey. Tell them mickey wants to play hide and seek. Most importantly as frustrating as it can be, never let on that it is frustrating in the least bit. Even when you have sweat under your boobs and have taken 3000 pictures and one kid is screaming. 4. As a final recommendation if all else fails give them a lollipop (Dum-Dum). They will sit perfectly still and hold their pops and usually you will get some fantastic smiles! Who cares if there is a tiny lolly in the picture anyway?!

  2. Hey love, where did you take these pics of your kiddos? We should go back before you pop #3 and take more family pics...just because I'm speshul. Love all your blog ideas....jealous of all the cool stuff you are doing with your munchkins. ;-)


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