Monday, October 11, 2010

The Custest Cookie Monster costume!

Last year Brooke was 1 1/2 years old for halloween. She has had a few nicknames in her time. She's been Brookie, Brookie Cookie, Cookie, and from those we sometimes would call her a Cookie Monster. She is keen on cookies and cupcakes. So.. since she is a toddler and I am an adult, I still am in control of what she is for Halloween! ;) Last year she really had NO clue who Cookie Monster was and she still really isn't in to TV or characters (unless it is "Mick Mousey or Min Mousey"). I'm also not in to character stuff, but I wanted her to be Cookie Monster. So.... I decided to make her costume myself.

It was really very easy. I made her a tutu using teal and white tulle. I buy the 6" spools from Hobby Lobby (on sale, of course) and use 3/4" non-roll elastic. I also added some thin white and teal ribbon streamers that I just tie on to the waistband, spaced evenly, in between the knots of tulle. The bow is just sewn on with a needle and thread- sewn down in every which way so it doesn't come off. I also sew it down so that the bow can not come untied. I finished it off with a great Gerber daisy flower that I bought as a stem. I snip it off and just hot glue it on top of the ribbon bow.

I used a long sleeved onesie and ironed on a blingy applique of Cookie Monster's face that I purchased for a few dollars from an Ebay or Etsy seller. I also purchased the Cookie Monster eye headband from a party supply place for a few bucks (came in a pack of two). The furry teal blue stuff is just a thin feather boa I picked up on sale and cut up. Beware- when you cut this stuff it looks like a blue bird met a fan and feathers poof up everywhere! I hot glued it on the headband and then made ankle and wrist cuffs by hot gluing it on some elastic. She loved it and carried around her little Cookie Monster doll (that someone gave her). I LOVE this costume and she got so many compliments on it!


  1. that is sooo stinking cute!! i wish my daughter was a little younger so i could copy this!

  2. doubletroublegirlsNovember 5, 2010 at 8:52 AM

    really like this:)


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