Friday, October 8, 2010

Appointment with the Endocrinologist

I finally got to see my endocrinologist. They actually got me in very quickly- just four days! Sadly, my husband couldn't make it to the appointment because daycare called saying that the little guy had a fever of 101.8 and had to be picked up. Luckily my parents went with me so I wasn't alone. It was like a class reunion at the appointment! Turns out my Endo went to medical school with my parents at University of Kentucky! Small, small world! He was a good guy and very honest about things, which we all appreciated. I had two tumors on my thyroid (one on the right and one on the left). The right tumor was Papillary cancer and the left one was Follicular cancer- they were both primaries, meaning it wasn't on one side and then metastasized to the other. He said that it was extremely rare to have what I have; that most people if they do have cancer only have it on one side and the size of it is very small. He also said that I had a significant amount of cancer. So, with all of that I am a medium to high risk for recurrence, and will be monitored more closely than someone with fewer risk factors. I certainly am glad to know all of this and not be left wondering and guessing. I will go back on November 1st to have my TSH level checked and will begin the LID (low iodine diet) on this day and continue it for the next two weeks. Assuming my levels are where they need them to be (TSH high enough for the RAI), then I will be taking the pill on November 15th. I will be doing my isolation at my parents house since their guest room is in a separate wing of the house. It will be a long week away from my babies and my husband, but the following week is Thanksgiving and I sure will have a TON to be thankful for and I will get a whole week to enjoy my family!

Thank you all for the support and prayers! Enough of this cancer stuff... let's get back to crafting and sewing!! I have a lot of posting to catch up on!

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