Monday, September 26, 2011

Slowly sewing along...

Little Bailey is now one month old! My how time flies! I somehow thought that staying home would make time go by a little more slowly. But, nope, time is passing quickly and my babies (all THREE of them) are getting bigger every day. They amaze me and I am so very lucky to be their mommy!
Anyway... they all still nap, thank goodness, and Bailey has been sleeping during their nap time as well (most days). So, I have actually been able to get some things sewn! Some days I nap, but most days I try to get in a little sewing or cleaning. Speaking of cleaning, the amount of dishes and laundry I do on a daily basis is enough to make me seriously consider becoming a family of nudists and eating only foods that require no dishes or utensils (think turkey legs). Seriously.

Here's what I've accomplished in the past few weeks!

 I suppose this first one isn't really an "accomplishment' since it is FAR from complete! But, I am in the process of making a Book of Colors. The pages are felt and I will add ribbons and fabric scraps to each page. I used my embroidery machine to put the names of each color on the page. I think this will be super cute when I finish it, if that day ever comes!

I added a velcro strap to the infant tub that I was constantly moving from the big tub to the floor of the bathroom, back to the tub, etc.

I've also been lucky enough to do some more pattern testing. This first dress is a Snazziedrawers pattern. If you are a beginner seamstress, this is a good dress to start with. You can find the Adeline dress pattern here. Quick and easy, not to mention cute! I also got her Petti Romper pattern and I can't wait to make one!

I made a matching hair flower clip, of course. I love these little things and they are SO easy to make!

I added this to a little shirt for Bailey. My OBGYN's name is Frederick and with each of my three children, he always says the same few things. One of my good friends also goes to him and he's said the same things to her. One of these things is that each time he delivers a baby he says that it should be named Frederick, if it's a boy, and Fredericka, if it's a girl. So.. I made this little shirt for Bailey to wear when I go for my 6 week post-op appt! :) I crack myself up.

I made this nap mat for a customer. This is definitely one of my favorite fabrics! 

Made this for a customer as well.

Love the zebra satin!

This is for Bailey.

I added Brooke and Ben's names to the Lowe's Build and Grow aprons and sewed Brooke's patches on from the two projects she's completed.

I also tested this pattern, The Emma skirt, for Brynnberlee Designs. I had this Hello Kitty Halloween fabric leftover from some pants I made for Brooke last year. I made a matching shirt (just appliqued a square of fabric to it) and hair flower.

I love the asymmetrical ruffles! 

I just finished up this dress for Brynnberlee Designs as well. It is called the Cara dress and she hasn't yet released the pattern. I made a little boo boo on the blue sash, so I covered it up with a band of lace. I like the way the lace looks! :)

It's super cute with the ruffle at the top of the dress!

I've also made a couple burp cloths and have to work on a couple of blankets. I'm eager to really get back into a sewing routine, but some days I just don't have the energy....YET! I can't wait until I get to sleep for more than 3 1/2 hours in a row! :) 


  1. Uh.....that's a lot of sewing girl!! Stealing your Velcro strap idea....just sayin.....

  2. Wow! I have less kids than you and i do not have a newborn..... you are still sewing more than I am. You are a supermama! ;) P.S. I love the velcro strap idea too!

  3. You are seriously wonder woman! I only have 2 kids--both who take fairly good naps each day and I'm amazed if I can get the dishes done and dinner made every day. Please to share your secrets! :)

    PS--all of that stuff is super cute!


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