Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 1 of Awesomeness

Day 01 - A picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

1. I do NOT look like that picture. At all. That was me before kids (what a sorry excuse! LOL). If I were to sit on that Barbie car today, the wheels would pop off and if I stood up, the car would be firmly affixed to my backside- much like a suction cup.

2. I am adopted and I feel like this may be the single most important event in my life. I feel eternally greatful to my birth mother for making the decision to #1 continue with the pregnancy, and #2 give me up for adoption. She was only 18 and I can't imagine how completely different my life would have been had she not given me up. I am blessed with the best parents, brother, and extended family. 

3. I have a phobia of throwing up (myself and others). Oddly enough, I can handle dog barf (it is still GROSS, but I don't run the other direction when it happens!). I believe my phobia stems from a highly traumatic event that involved me barfing all over the stage and myself when I was in 7th grade and was an alter server at our church. Mor-ti-fy-ing.

4. I loved playing soccer. I started playing in 5th grade and played until I got pregnant with Brooke. I went back for a nano-second in between her and Benjamin but got injured (durn old body!). I would LOVE to get back into it sometime...

5. Which brings me to this. I HATE running and working out! But, huH? Didn't I just say that I love soccer? And, doesn't soccer involve running? Why, yes it does! However, I like soccer and other sports, even ones that involve running (especially sprinting!) because there is a point and/or a goal! It's not just running to run. Running to run is like going to the dentist because you like the sound of the drill. Ack!

6. I HATE THE DENTIST. He is sent by the devil. That is all.

7. I am GOOOD at shopping and finding deals! Seriously, if it was a sport, I would beat most people.

8. *Some* who know me would say I am competitive. I guess I am. Winning may not be everything, but losing sure SUCKS! I think I have gotten better at this with age... but I still have flare ups! ;)

9. Back to my deal-finding abilities. This sort of leads into my love of shopping and the huge amounts of stuff I have! I am a *bit* of a pack rat. NOT a hoarder- that is crazy, but definitely a pack rat! I can attach sentimental value to a rock. Corey says I have too many clothes. I say my closet is just too small.

10. I really would LOVE to start eating healthy as a family and get into some sort of exercise routine. I want to try Zumba b/c I am sure I would love it, even though I am a CRAPPY dancer. Even though I hate working out, I tend to like group classes b/c they make them fun (except for Spin classes- who in the free world thinks THAT is fun?!?!). I got really in to cardio kick-boxing before I got married when it was popular.

11. There was a time in my life when I really wasn't sure if I'd have children. I can't imagine my life without them now! They are my everything!!

12. If there were parenting awards given, I wouldn't receive any of them! I am terrible about schedules, my 2.75 year old still has a paci, and both of my babies still sleep with us! Thank goodness for a king-sized bed!

13. I can't sing. No really. Trust me on this one. It's so bad that when I was younger my mom told me not to sing in church.

14. I absolutely love sewing, crafting, and doing creative stuff!! Although I love teaching, my dream is to have my own shop, in an old house or barn where I could have classes to teach others how to make simple projects. I'd also have some mommy & me classes! I have SO many ideas that I would love to some day be able make a reality!

15. If there is ONE thing that is the bane of my existence it is laundry. There is a part of my brain that is missing. It is the part that makes me put my clean clothes away. I don't really mind washing the laundry. Folding it is ok, but putting it away for some reason just doesn't happen very often!! I currently have a dining room table full of clean clothes that need to be put away.

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