Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Fall, Y'all!

Okay, so it's almost winter, but whatever. I've decided I need to get back into doing arts and crafts projects with the kiddos, so I started with a fun hand print (technically it's a forearm and hand print) tree scene. They had a great time with this and hearing the excitement in Brooke's voice and seeing her face light up as she jumped for joy when I told her we were going to do an art project was priceless.

I just LOVE how seriously they take there art projects!! I have NO idea where they get this from...

Here is Brooke's sweet tree!

Here is Benjamin's creation. It seems as though he was going for the "tree in a tornado" scene! :)

I'm going to have to get Benjamin to add grass to his picture. The floating tree thing bothers me! 

I couldn't leave Miss Bailey out of the art project action.. but getting the hand of a 2 1/2 month old to open up for a good print is darn near impossible, so I improvised and went with the next logical body part: the foot. There was also no way I could hold her little finger and make the leaves, so I used her toes! :) 

Big sister helped get Bailey full (i.e. happy!) before we started. She was a trooper and didn't protest me man-handling her foot and toes at all! (Brooke is shirt-less because she didn't want to get her jams dirty when doing her art project. I appreciate a kid that wants to keep her clothes clean!). 

LOVE her little toesies!

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  1. Cute, Tracy! I love that you don't mind the mess that comes with doing crafts with the little--I need to be more like that! :)


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